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lying face downward, or on the ventral surface; see also prone position. Called also procumbent.


Rarely used term denoting in a prone position; lying face down.
[L. procumbens, falling or leaning forward]


/pro·cum·bent/ (pro-kum´bint) prone; lying on the face.




lying along the ground.


prone; lying on the abdomen. Called also ventral recumbency.
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According to Sweitzer wood rays are homocellular (consisting of procumbent cells only), whereas in all four of our specimens (the living and three herbarium collections) rays are heterocellular.
Rays heterogeneous, with a central proportion of strongly procumbent cells and 1-2(3) rows of square and/or upright marginal cells.
sectio Repentia Main axis procumbent Yoshida or decumbent forming secondary haptera on the ventral face; primary axes branched on the dorsal face of main axis; receptacles compressed to flattened.
chinensis Merrill) of the family Asteracea, known as "pitabringi" (San-skrit), "Pila bhangra" (Hindi), "kalsarji, Gargari" (Kannada) is a procumbent, perennial herb found in wet and marshy places in Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Utter Pradesh and costal areas of the Indian Union.
The effects of marine transgression may be seen as following predictable differences between procumbent coastal profiles characterized by low relief, gentle slope, low wave-energy and rapidly weathering terrestrial land-forms, and precipitous profiles distinguished by steep slope, high relief, high wave-@energy but hard, rocky, resistant land-forms.