process skills

pro·cess skills

(pros'es skilz)
Skills used to manage and modify actions in the completing of daily living tasks, such as pacing oneself, choosing and using appropriate tools to complete a task, or organizing a task into a logical sequence for successful completion.
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Then during the assessment period of your two mentors, both of you will look for both the content knowledge mastery and the process skills exhibited to determine how many of the learners met or exceeded both your objectives.
Educators from the UK discuss the definition of science; the process skills needed to learn it; the need for activities to develop observation, classification, and measurement skills; the role of asking questions; scientific inquiry; assessment; how stories and fiction can be used to develop scientific understanding; and the use of role-play, games, and computers.
For seven days, the course aimed at formalizing 70 fishermen and representatives of fishing associations on the fishing process skills, marketing and exporting high-quality fish to the Arab and foreign states.
Contract awarded for Foods, venue & accommodation for the five day division english enhancement and process skills training for grade 3 & 4 teachers
She argues that group grades are harmful, then discusses alternative methods for grading cooperative learning and group work, methods for assessing learning and process skills, and assessing and grading individual achievement of learning outcomes during and after group projects, with sample projects and scoring rubrics ranging from elementary to middle school.
In a qualitative study of elementary students, Mabie and Baker (1996) reported integrated activities had a greater positive effect on science process skills when compared to alternative methods.
Learning experiences include process skills related to Bloom's taxonomy and step-by-step procedures for implementation.
They emphasize mastery of subject matter, scientific reasoning, practical procedural and scientific process skills, and teamwork.
Maria's technical strengths in accounting and finance, coupled with her broad understanding of the business, commitment to partnership and service, organization and process skills, objectivity, and consistent demonstrations of leadership position her for continued success in her new role," says Herndon.
Students will benefit from virtual labs where they can explore inquiry and science process skills using topics such as pollution and plant growth, and can even dissect a virtual frog.
Patients in the therapy group had a mean score that was 1 point higher on the 8-point motor and process skills test and 10.
was to improve science process skills, mentors and mentees were asked to