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Act of "walking" the tip of a probe along the junctional epithelium within a sulcus to assess the condition of the periodontal tissues.
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The skillful use by the dental assistant of the air/water syringe and the evacuation system will help keep the probing areas visible.
The amount of attached gingiva can be calculated by subtracting the probing depth from the width of the keratinized gingiva.
The Agilent offering with Analyzer and Exerciser including ATCA probing gives the telecommunication and computing industry new tools to test their designs to accelerate time to market, required for a fast technology adoption as well as protecting their investment in PCI Express test equipment.
Additional information about Agilent's Infiniium 80000 Series of 10-, 12- and 13-GHz real-time oscilloscopes, InfiniiMax II probing systems and the company's complete line of validation and debug tools is available at www.
During a temperature change, probing operations can begin immediately after the chuck reaches the set point -- even though components within the prober are still expanding and contracting.
Agilent's state-of-the-art probing techniques give digital designers much needed insight more quickly," said Galen Wampler, industry analyst at Prime Data.
FormFactor partners with leading semiconductor test companies like Credence to solve the industry's most challenging problems, whether it be test throughput, precise fine-pitch probing, or high-speed signaling for fully tested die," said Larry Levy, director of flash product marketing for FormFactor, Inc.
The ProbeShield's rinsing system ensures frost-free conditions when probing at negative temperatures.
Agilent is the only vendor to provide connectorless probing that supports its entire line of logic analyzers.