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probative (prō´bətiv),

adj in the law of evidence, tending to prove or actually proving.
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To stress, these news articles have no probative value since under the rules on evidence, they are hearsay, inadmissible and incompetent to establish the facts therein.
22) This Part examines PFEL's exposition of two foundational concepts in evidence: relevance and probative value.
The court found, however, that Trustmark's cost approach was probative of fair market value.
Thus, stray remarks in the workplace, while perhaps probative of
silence is rarely probative of guilt, and thus this Comment argues that
Judge Posner suggested that this creates a "war of words" that can undermine the probative value of consumer surveys.
19) The government argued that the prior conviction was probative of Lee's knowledge, intent, and absence of mistake, and that Lee had placed these matters in dispute at the first trial.
admissible evidence when they determine that its probative value is
recognize the diminished probative value of youth records.
The trial judge clearly saw some relevant and probative value in questions being put to Ms Lawson re this private behaviour.