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probative (prō´bətiv),

adj in the law of evidence, tending to prove or actually proving.
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arguably to the point at which they are no more probative than they are
Notwithstanding these differences, the court determined that the knife taken from the van was probative in the case.
discretion to exclude convictions whose probative value on a
proof it contradicts, she increases the probative value of the
Use of such broad reliability language in Bryant likely means that fewer statements will be deemed testimonial in the future, thereby relegating the utility of the forfeiture doctrine to a secondary tool for prosecutors seeking to admit probative evidence.
Clark and Godfrey conducted a broad review of the eyewitness identification experimental literature to assess how various factors affected correct identification rates, false identification rates, and the probative value of a suspect identification.
10) Grant re-affirms the more traditional truth-seeking preference of the courts to exclude untrustworthy forced testimonial evidence and to thoroughly scrutinize all improperly collected physical evidence of probative value before excluding it.
In discussing the probative value of the fMRI test results, the magistrate also expressed concern that the evidence could improperly diminish the jury's role in evaluating credibility.
If the relevance of the information sought is too attenuated, then the burden, intrusion, and privacy interests involved might outweigh the probative value of the information.
On the second day of each seminar, Jordanian judge Ali Abu Hijleh lectured on "Legal aspects of scientific evidence: possible remedies for uncertainty during the evidentiary hearings", on the evaluation of the probative value of scientific evidence by judges.
When an issue is raised, the probative value of evidence is outweighed by its tendency to unduly arouse a jury's emotions of prejudice, hostility, or sympathy.