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Contract awarded for Obtaining Material From The Toilet - Odel, Pro-Time Employment
The next day, my cardiologist called to say he was sorry I had trouble with the procedure and that my pro-time was way off.
I was surprised to hear that my pro-time had fallen to 14.
We had started with a pro-time of 22 seconds, and he wanted it about 18 seconds.
Anyway, the dose was dropped, and, two weeks later, the new pro-time was reported as 22 seconds.
The second 22-second pro-time was reported with a normalization ratio that had fallen significantly from the first 22-second pro-time.
Your doctor will prescribe a dose of medicine to keep the pro-time within strict limits
It's also very important to obtain the pro-time blood test at regular intervals, as advised by your doctor.
On May 2, the day before handing down Moldea II, the Court of Appeals issued an order denying permission for the two pro-Times amicus briefs to be filed.