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The pro-choice coalition reviewed the Canada Revenue Agency charity tax returns for all crisis pregnancy centres--anti-abortion groups known to provide misinformation on abortion and biased counselling--that received Canada summer jobs grants between 2011 and 2015.
At the same time, slightly more women than men take the always-legal position on abortion as well as call themselves pro-choice.
Meaning that Maggie NL doesn't present "just one opportunity to elect a pro-choice Democratic woman governor in 2012.
Although about 60 percent of Democrats have consistently identified themselves as pro-choice since 2001 (aside from May of last year, when it reached a record 68 percent), the percentage of political independents who claim that label has fallen by 10 points since May 2011.
Hutchison was the last pro-choice Republican to win a high-profile primary, taking the GOP nomination for U.
The White House asked for examples of community-based programs already succeeding in these areas and announced a series of meetings over the next few months that would include advocates from both the pro-choice and pro-life movements, as well as representatives from government agencies and Congress.
The Gallup poll released Friday also marks a massive shift from one year ago, when 50 percent of Americans called themselves pro-choice, and just 44 percent said they were pro-life.
I'm pro-choice, and that means supporting a woman's private decision to have no babies - or to have 14 babies if her body is up to it.
I've followed the pro-choice versus pro-life issue for years, and I'll admit I've been influenced by Planned Parenthood's PR, especially while I lived in New York City.
GIULIANI'S PRO-CHOICE TIGHTROPE (Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles)
Hendershott's chapter on race is particularly enlightening, cataloging the pro-choice movement's attempt to "plant a culture of abortion in African American neighborhoods.
Throughout the summer, polls showed Laffey positioned to do what Toomey couldn't: oust a pro-choice, pro-tax R/NO ("Republican in Name Only") and send the GOP establishment reeling.