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adjective Not public; in UK medical parlance, private refers to diagnosis or treatment by independent (non-NHS) providers.


owned by an individual person.

private label pet food
a product marketed under the label of the retailer; the house brand.
private law
the law relating to individual persons including contracts, property, torts, wills, matrimony and divorce.
private practice
see private practice.
private practitioner
a veterinarian who conducts a private practice.
private sale
sold by private agreement between buyer and seller; the alternative to sale by auction.

Patient discussion about private

Q. I am upset by the lack of privacy at dialysis centers. Does anyone see their nephrologist in private office? My nephrologist comes to see me and examine me while I am receiving dialysis. I understand his talking to me but the exam is objectionable and I am unable to ask personal questions because everyone is listening. I am told they are all old and don't hear us but that is patronizing and extremely rude. Are there rules against this? Why can't we have office visits where there is some privacy?

A. I live in Sault Ste Marie Ontario Canada and if you need to ask personal questions you can make an appointment to see your doctor in the clinic.
But when I was in Calgary Alberta they would make you a appointment every 3 months to see the doctor.

Q. what would be the best way to protect my teeth from decaying?i fill pain always in my private parties,what prb whenever i take long with out sex,so i would like the advice from my fewwol

A. i fail to see the connection between teeth and groin pain...about the teeth. it's very very simple- get used to a healthy oral hygiene. brush your teeth in the right way twice a day for at least 6 minute. use floss. go to a dental hygienist, she'll guide you through it.

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Correlations were run in order to test the relationships between the traits of conscientiousness, neuroticism, privateness, self-reliance, independence, self-control, extroversion, and the ability to bind anxiety as measured by the 16PF and the supervisor's recommendation for return to the team, job performance (recommendations for future development, and ministry strengths and weaknesses), job satisfaction (organizational life: identification with the mission agency's purposes, distinctives, objectives, and team unity), and attrition.
Firstly, underlining music's eminent privateness, bringing to attention counterpoint as a highly evolved discipline in the field of the aesthetic, and calling music the possibly final resistance to the general commodification, Said's reflections imply the promise of a re-emancipation of music as a voice of authority in the intellectual debate, and in society at large.
The 16PF, an 185 forced choice questionnaire, measures the following aspects of personality: warmth, reasoning, emotional stability, dominance, liveliness, rule-consciousness, social boldness, sensitivity, vigilance, abstractedness, privateness, apprehension, openness to change, self-reliance, perfectionism and tension.
In the context of most current works of literature, however, when privateness appears, usually narrowminded, destructive for any authentic inner life, the absolutism of love, praised by Konwicki, is essential as air.
321) Agencies stretch the doctrine, depending on their degree of privateness.
If art teaches anything (to the artist, in the first place), it is the privateness of the human condition.