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n the rightful ownership; the exclusive right to a thing.
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She placed the sign on her private property, located near Hemphill, Texas, in Sabine County.
Writing more than fifty years ago, Thomas Divine supplies three arguments in defense of the individual function of private property and three others for its social function.
Schmidtz's examples in that article all compare cases of unregulated commons with the advent of private property.
Regarding the holder of private property, that it can be the simple particular, natural or legal, but also can be the state that appears as a moral person owning goods in private property.
By weak understanding, I mean that the courts have preferred to force instances of common property into a private property model rather than delineating what rights exist for common property qua common property.
Supporters of the bill say eminent domain reform is necessary to protect the rights of private property owners while maintaining public utilities.
There is another reason it is strange to see governmental resource constraints as the main impediment to private property protection in developing countries: The greatest violators of private property rights in developing countries are their governments.
The majority of Western states allow public use of rivers that flow through private property to some degree.
City of New London, which allowed governments to take private property simply to promote economic development, Brooklyn residents will have to rely on the state courts to put a stop to the project.
WORCESTER - A proposal that would have required dog owners to confine their pets on private property either by leash or a fence was shelved by the City Council Public Health and Human Services Committee last night.
To begin with, many will argue that the Palestinians are not the only ones to have lost both their rights to and the private property in question.
Freyfogle, On Private Property: Finding Common Ground in the Ownership of Land is a thoughtful look at the recurring dilemma of the private property debate.

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