principal piece

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a part or portion.
end piece the terminal portion of the tail of the spermatozoon. See illustration at spermatozoon.
middle piece an anterior portion of the tail of the spermatozoon, between the neck and the anulus. See illustration at spermatozoon.
principal piece the main portion of the tail of a spermatozoon, beginning at the anulus and gradually tapering toward the end piece. See illustration at spermatozoon.

prin·ci·pal piece

the principal part of the spermatozoon, which is about 45 mc;m long and has a characteristic fibrous sheath surrounding the axoneme.
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It's one of the principal pieces on the canon not to have been heard at Mechanics Hall for quite some time.
The principal pieces of our restructuring plan are in place, and the related costs are largely behind us.
One of the principal pieces of advice in the document is "go in, stay in, tune in" - denoting that people should go inside and stay there in the event of an emergency, and listen to local radio or TV.

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