principal focus

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prin·ci·pal fo·cus

the real or virtual meeting point of rays passing into a lens parallel to its axis.
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In a sense, though, none of this matters, because continuous quality improvement (CQI) has not been OBRA's principal focus.
If the principal focus is short-term, then the long-term benefit may not, by definition, be significant.
In the traditional urban theatre, impacted by adjacent context, the entrance facade usually became the principal focus, leaving the troublesome volumes containing the vast machinery of the stage and the acoustic chamber of the house safely buried out of immediate view.
The Sunday Silence project is an excellent example of the principal focus of Tatham Offshore's business strategy of developing its current inventory of properties with high reserve potential in the Flextrend and Deepwater areas of the Gulf of Mexico," said Thomas P.
BioSphere's principal focus is the application of its Embosphere[R] Microspheres product for the treatment of symptomatic uterine fibroids using a procedure called uterine fibroid embolization, or UFE.
While daily shift work is the book's principal focus, Coleman has also done some consulting work with the extreme version -- "fly in/fly out" arrangements in remote areas, where workers toil for weeks at a stretch.
A principal focus of the book is in demonstrating how enterprises can apply integration and SOA to address common business scenarios.

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