principal diagnosis

prin·ci·pal di·ag·no·sis

(prin'si-păl dī'ăg-nō'sis)
The diagnosis that is found, after testing and study, to be the main reason for the patient's need for health care services.
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Inpatient admissions in the database include 1 principal diagnosis and up to 14 secondary diagnoses.
costs for hospital stays for patients with COPD as a principal diagnosis has been projected to be approximately $29.
Some reasons might be the similarity between APR-DRGs and AP-DRGs (both rely on the principal diagnosis as the main classification criterion) and the usage of APR-DRGs in other European countries (Busse et al.
The patients' principal diagnosis at admission was assigned using the ANZPIC Registry diagnostic coding, which has been previously described (Slater, Shann, and McEniery 2003).
8220;What I have learned from my past research is that if you treat your principal diagnosis, such as social phobia and you hate public speaking, you are going to show improvement on some of your secondary diagnosis.
Of particular interest, Chapter 8 of the Manual states that a patient admitted to an SNF should have his/her admitting diagnosis and principal diagnosis (the main reason for continued care) recorded as V codes.
The DRG is assigned based on the ICD-9-CM code stated as principal diagnosis (the condition that caused the patient to be admitted to the hospital).
The non-diagnostic pre-admission services are only bundled if they are related to the admission and "related" means an exact match of ICD-9 digits of the principal diagnosis for both the admission and the pre-admit outpatient (OP) services.
For example, in a case where a hospital reported a principal diagnosis of 03.
Consequently, inpatient physician claims associated with the treatment of conditions in their specialty may include a diagnosis code that differs from the principal diagnosis shown on an inpatient facility claim.
The information available on patients included the principal diagnosis, up to 15 secondary diagnoses, discharge statistics, length of stay, the cost of the hospitalization, as well as the medical and surgical procedures performed, including lab tests.
He said: "These admissions are when alcohol has been a part of the principal diagnosis.

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