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Cardiology A laser guide wire system for treating occluded coronary arteries by excimer laser ablation, indicated when mechanical guide wire and other treatment modalities have failed
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The close collaboration provides the scholarly community with clear benefits and streamlines the discovery and delivery processes for millions of students and researchers at thousands of Primo institutions worldwide.
Primo III, Chairman of the Primo Center, as well as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Capri Capital Partners.
After dining here, happy customers sing the praises of Primo and always visit again with more friends and family in tow.
Primo asserts that "with research, caution, and a nearly surgical knife, we move into such markets to take advantage of market conditions.
Primo Lights also has a range of installation devices.
We hope to create the largest crowd-sourced library in Egypt, and donate it to NGOs working with less fortunate youth," said Primo.
Primo Apollo looks on as SIS's Errol Blyth chats to Ben McBride, assistant to winning trainer Chris Stringer
La seconda parte del volume, "Unbearable Witness" e aperta dal contributo piu originale, il saggio di Jonathan Druker "Trauma and Latency in Primo Levi's The Reawakening" (63-77) che dimostra come la struttura de La Tregua segua da vicino la teoria freudiana dei tre livelli del trauma (choc iniziale, periodo di latenza, ricordi traumatici ricorrenti).
The Primo Pocket Control gives operators complete control of the Primo Weigher 360 in the palms of their hands eliminating the need to go back and forth between the scale and control panel or the assistance of a second person.
Elsevier, a world-leading provider of scientific, technical and medical information products and services, and Ex Libris Group, a global leader in the provision of library automation solutions, today announced their collaboration to make the full text of SciVerse ScienceDirect journal articles and ebooks searchable in the Ex Libris Primo Central Index.
For this primo cabbage with butter and capers (serves 4) you will need two primo cabbages, cut into quarters and outer leaves trimmed, so you are left with eight cabbage wedges; 75g butter; 70g capers, rinsed under cold water; four cloves garlic, peeled and very thinly sliced; the juice of ' lemon; sea salt and black pepper.