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Cardiology A laser guide wire system for treating occluded coronary arteries by excimer laser ablation, indicated when mechanical guide wire and other treatment modalities have failed
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Guillermo Haro y Paz evocaba otras historias: las insignias masonicas de su abuelo Ireneo, el hallazgo de la micropiramide de Mixcoatl, los frecuentes combates a punetazos que su primo tenia que librar en la escuela, donde sus companeros lo hostigaban por "atildado y bonito", tratandolo de extranjero, y como el tuvo que entrar a esos pugilatos en mas de una ocasion; la mala relacion con su padre, el abogado Octavio, a quien acompanaban a cazar patos enlodados; que Octavio y el eran miembros del equipo de basquetbol del Club Atletico Cesar Augusto Sandino (famoso por su acronimo); que Octavio recorria la ciudad en bicicleta; que tenia mucho exito con las "chamacas" .
Primo Lights also has a range of installation devices.
We hope to create the largest crowd-sourced library in Egypt, and donate it to NGOs working with less fortunate youth," said Primo.
We are convinced that iGO primo - easy and quick to use, and optimized for the Indian road system - makes driving an enjoyable and stress-free activity.
Stanislao G Pugliese's prologue focuses on Primo Levi's role in opposing revisionism, Nazism and fascista.
Comvest Capital provided USD14m of the term loan amount and certain stockholders, directors and officers of Primo Water including CEO Billy D Prim and two board members provided the remaining USD1.
The PALNI consortium of 23 libraries decided to subscribe to Primo TotalCare, and because our existing support contract was nearing renewal for Ex Libris' SFX, Aleph, and MetaLib, we chose to migrate these services to the TotalCare support environment as well.
To make a Vietnamese primo cabbage salad, you will need 500g finely shredded primo cabbage; 150g peeled and finely shredded mouli radish (available from Matta's); two pink grapefruit, segmented and juices retained; small bunch finely chopped fresh coriander; 225g pecan nuts; small bunch finely chopped Thai basil; 85g caster sugar; a pinch of salt.
The Primo Pocket Control gives operators complete control of CombiScale's Primo Weigher 360 in the palms of their hands, eliminating the need to go back and forth between the weigher and HMI interface or the assistance of a second person.
WORLDWIDE COMPUTER PRODUCTS NEWS-December 8, 2010-NNG launches China edition of iGO primo for Chinese automotive market(C)1995-2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
Ex Libris Group announced that it is collaborating with Thomson Reuters to make Thomson Reuters's Web of Knowledge collections available to subscribers through the Primo Central scholarly econtent aggregator.