primary narcissism

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dominant interest in oneself; self-love. adj., adj narcissis´tic.
primary narcissism that occurring in the early infantile phase of object relationship development, when the child has not differentiated himself from the outside world and regards all sources of pleasure as originating within himself.
secondary narcissism that in which the libido, once attached to external love objects, is redirected back to the self.

pri·mar·y nar·cis·sism

in psychoanalysis, the original psychic energy embodied or invested in the ego.
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In other words, we can read Stephen's art as a sexually self-reflexive attempt at re-experiencing primary narcissism.
A Child is Being Killed: On Primary Narcissism and the Death Drive.
In the underlying development of these disorders, ascribing problems with self-regard to primary narcissism and overidealization obscures as much as it reveals.

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