primary hyperthyroidism

pri·mar·y hy·per·thy·roid·ism

hyperthyroidism due to a disorder originating within the thyroid gland, in contrast to one of pituitary origin; may be due to generalized overactivity of the gland, to a localized hyperactive nodule, or to circulating antibody, which stimulates the gland (long-acting thyroid stimulator).
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Therefore, for the first time, we evaluated hand grip strength, dexterity, and function in patients with primary hyperthyroidism in this study.
Fifty-one patients newly diagnosed with primary hyperthyroidism and 44 healthy controls participated in this cross-sectional study.
Primary hyperthyroidism was diagnosed with suppressed serum TSH and/or elevated free T3 and/or elevated free T4 levels.
Just after the diagnosis of primary hyperthyroidism in the outpatient clinic, patients were assessed regarding hand grip strength, function, and dexterity.
In the present study, we demonstrated that hand grip strength was not significantly different between groups; however, hand dexterity and functional status were impaired in patients with primary hyperthyroidism compared with healthy controls.
Incidence, clinical characteristics and outcome of congestive heart failure as the initial presentation in patients with primary hyperthyroidism.
Tumoral calcinosis may be defined as metastatic periarticular calcification that can be found in a wide variety of conditions such as primary hyperthyroidism and connective tissue diseases, as well as an idiopathic form.
Elevated levels of total or free thyroxine and low levels of TSH confirm the diagnosis of primary hyperthyroidism, though in a minority of patients even with low TSH level, thyroxine level may be normal.
TSH below normal TSH above normal Primary hyperthyroidism Primary hypothyroidism Pituitary/hypothalamic disease Pituitary thyrotroph adenoma with central hypothyroidism Pituitary resistance to thyroid hormone (central hyperthyroidism) Generalized thyroid hormone resistance Prolonged thyrotroph cell Thyrotoxicosis from overly rapid suppression after recent correction of severe hypothyroidism hyperthyroidism in euthyroid with parenteral [T.

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