primary control

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primary control,

n in the Alexander technique, the innate relationship of the head, neck, and spine to poise and balance. See also technique, Alexander.
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They do so by helping deflect their associated primary control surface.
The biggest primary control reserve will be 476 MW at 2020 winter operating conditions and the smallest-222 MW at 2016 spring flood time.
In effect, secondary control buffers losses in primary control by helping us to accept what cannot be changed.
Because demand for capacity can be computed without knowledge of supply, and because supply of capacity can be computed without knowledge of demand, the reconciliation of demand and supply validates these two independent sets of operational data and becomes the primary control for operational data transparency.
Computation of the energy flow is used as the primary control set point for injection and withdrawal.
Simonian, executive member and past chair of the AAP's Council on Clinical Information Technology, explained that a personal health record (PHR) is accessed through the Internet and may be affiliated with the patient's physician, but it's under the primary control of the patient.
Primary control is performed by the speed governors of the dedicated power generation units that vary their load when a frequency change occurs, in order to keep instantaneous balance between power production and consumption.
While in flight and under control by a remote site, a fully-armed MQ-1B experienced a serious compound emergency caused by malfunction of the Primary Control Module.
And when it comes to making network design decisions, the Masters have placed primary control in the hands of an internal logistics and supply chain team as opposed to other internal functional areas or outsourced partners.
When a county leased its property pursuant to a long-term lease and retained neither the financial benefit nor primary control of the property, the county was not the true, beneficial owner and the property did not qualify for a municipal tax exemption, according to the Supreme Court of Wisconsin.
The CitectSCADA system used at Barber's cheese making facility oversees 25 PLCs that provide primary control at the plant.
The adapter uses one primary control circuit, and the devices are available as fixed wall plugs (1.

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