primary alcohol

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pri·mar·y al·co·hol

an alcohol characterized by the univalent radical, -CH2OH.

pri·mar·y alcohol

(prī'mar-ē al'kŏ-hol)
An alcohol characterized by the univalent radical -CH2OH.
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Because of the inherent reactivity of the primary alcohol versus the secondary alcohol, it was predicted those sites will react first.
We work with the Primary Alcohol Team to challenge patients about their drinking and provide services to those who need help.
While spirits not made in Oregon may be used as a secondary ingredient, the primary alcohol ingredient used must be from Oregon.
The Margarita always has been associated with tequila and any products that are labeled margaritas, yet don't contain tequila as their primary alcohol ingredient, raise serious intellectual property rights concerns," he said.
in all off-schedule pricing for the Genapol Primary Alcohol Ethoxylates
For fitting parameters such as the fraction of primary versus secondary alcohol content, fitting parameters to experimental data can be performed with confidence due to the reactivity of the primary alcohols being more than an order of magnitude greater than the reactivity of the secondary alcohols.
The main reason for decreasing acetaldehyde during ripening was attributed to changing it to alcohols because aldehydes are transitory compounds in cheese and they are rapidly reduced to primary alcohols or oxidized to the corresponding acids.

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