primary alcohol

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pri·mar·y al·co·hol

an alcohol characterized by the univalent radical, -CH2OH.

pri·mar·y alcohol

(prī'mar-ē al'kŏ-hol)
An alcohol characterized by the univalent radical -CH2OH.
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Since methanol is the smallest primary alcohol, it will have the most efficient interaction with the CHDA and may be better at extending the pot life even at low levels.
Various literature approaches exist for the conversion of primary alcohols to carboxylic acids (Figure 2).
Time was also associated with significant decreases in the percent of admissions for persons over age 25, Whites, and people entering treatment with a primary alcohol, primary amphetamine, and primary heroin problem.
The results are in accordance to a reported result where enantioselectivity of other lipases toward primary alcohol is much lower than to secondary alcohol [11].
And the primary alcohol that Oregonians drink is beer.
It is comprised of at least one carboxylic acid group-containing monomer; at least one primary alcohol group-containing monomer; at least one glycidyl ester of an aliphatic saturated monocarboxylic acid; and at least one polyester polyol.
For any polyol to [alpha],[omega]-diol conversion a final challenge is the minimization of further acid catalyzed dehydration of the remaining primary alcohol functions followed by hydrogenation to the corresponding alkanes.
Yan and Sun, 1998; Crosby and Kato, 1976; Blanton and Salley, 1989; Alexandrotos and Miller, 2000) Also, due to the inherent reactivity of the primary alcohol versus the secondary alcohol, it was predicted those sites will react first.
Chapter 3 reviews evidence that picomolar concentrations of triacontanol, a 30-carbon primary alcohol derived from plant wax, promote growth and sometimes yield of many horticultural and agronomic plants.
The synthesis of a Guerbet alcohol from a long chain primary alcohol was studied.

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