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The state of being primary, or foremost in rank or importance.
[see primary]
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It draws attention to the RD as an important bilateral document; it explores the fundamental theological subject of the relationship between primacy and conciliarity in light of the eucharist; it proposes a historical analysis of this relationship; and it offers a concrete proposal for how the universal primate can be understood.
Primacy delivers cards in runs, thanks to 100-card capacity input and output hoppers.
No doubt the others were all that Peter was, but a primacy is given to Peter, and it is [thus] made clear that there is but one Church and one Chair.
Moreover, with the acquisition, the combined turnover of Primacy Industries and its US-based subsidiary, MVP Group International, is now close to $300 million, he said.
First, hedge fund activists of course believe in shareholder primacy in the sense that they want ordinary, solvent companies to maximize profits for their shareholder owners, as opposed to benefiting communities, workers, or other so-called stakeholders.
Primacy Relocation is a relocation provider whose clients include U.
But even when Vatican I solemnly defined papal primacy, it emphasized that such papal authority was to be exercised "in service of the unity of faith and communion.
Psalm 2 declares the primacy of Israel's king before the nations of the world.
In pursuit of the solution to what Reeve calls the Primacy Dilemma, he pursues a number of notorious problems in Aristotle, including scientific knowledge, essence, substance, God, the science of being qua being, and the historical problem of Aristotelianism.
The pope's invitation leads not simply to suggestions for the reform of papal primacy but impel several of the authors to subject their own traditions to critical scrutiny.