prima facie

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prima facie (prīˑ·m fāˑ·shē),

n at first site; the minimum amount of evidence required from one party that compels another party to defend itself in court.

prima facie (prī´mə fā´shē),

adv a phrase that means “on the face of it”; so far as can be judged from the first appearance; presumably.
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58) In other words, the four-fifths rule yields at most a first cut of easily decided cases of prima facie disparate impact: a prima facie case is demonstrated by group selection rates with a ratio below four-fifths, but smaller differences (i.
the claimant must still meet the statutory requisite and make out a prima facie case of entitlement to benefits," which requires that "reimbursable expenses must arise out of a motor vehicle accident and be medically necessary to treat the injuries" (Ops.
49) Regarding the sex discrimination claims, the district court granted summary judgment, reasoning that she did not produce direct evidence of discrimination and that she could not establish a prima facie case under the McDonnell Douglas framework because she did not identify a similarly situated comparator who was treated more favorably.
The appeals court said the 23-day notice requirement was an administrative step and that the IRS had failed to meet the Powell requirements to establish a prima facie case for enforcement of the summons.
In that case, Speaker Gary Carr found that a prima facie case of contempt had been established.
The Third Circuit found on appeal that the residents had submitted sufficient evidence to establish a prima facie case for discrimination under the FHA.
Human rights tribunals and labour arbitrators have adopted different standards when determining the threshold issue of whether there is a prima facie case of discrimination.
A Uwic spokeswoman said: "With the news that the Uwic board of governors have agreed that there is a prima facie case for Uwic to become part of a new University of Wales, and that it is envisaged that Uwic will become the University of Wales in Cardiff, still known as Uwic, the application to the Privy Council for change of name to Cardiff Metropolitan University has been put in abeyance.
After hearing testimony from 27 prosecution witnesses, Kuala Lumpur High Court Judge Mohamad Zabidin Mohamad Diah told the court he found ''a prima facie case has been made out against the accused'' and called on Anwar to enter a defense.
Thailand has made a prima facie case of violation in respect of the measure at issue, and in the absence of arguments from the United States to the contrary, we rule in favour of Thailand," it concluded.
In producing his work of ecclesiastical rhetoric, he made significant contributions to contemporary argumentation theory by laying the groundwork for the concept of the prima facie case, adoption of the principles of presumption and the burden of proof in argumentation, and providing a foundation for the principles of tests and strategic uses of evidence.
For students to make a judgment (based upon the facts case and the presiding laws on discrimination) whether Rogers, Young, and Ford had a prima facie case.