prima facie

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prima facie (prīˑ·m fāˑ·shē),

n at first site; the minimum amount of evidence required from one party that compels another party to defend itself in court.

prima facie (prī´mə fā´shē),

adv a phrase that means “on the face of it”; so far as can be judged from the first appearance; presumably.
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In your opinion, do the plaintiffs have a prima facie case for discrimination?
It is abundantly clear," says the judge, "that his evidence fell far, far short of establishing a prima facie case for a breach of rule 157 in any race.
Under the McDonnell Douglas framework, a plaintiff establishes a prima facie case of racial discrimination under Title VII by showing: (1) the plaintiff belongs to a racial minority; (2) he [or she] was subjected to adverse job action; (3) his employer treated similarly situated employees of other races more favorably; and (4) he [or she] was qualified to do the job.
In this case, despite the fact that the Craigs had presented a prima facie case of gender discrimination, the court found that Dr.
7) The Court determined that California's standard failed to comply with the procedure for analyzing a prima facie case set forth in Batson.
The trial court dismissed the case on the ground that the allegations in his complaint did not raise an inference of discrimination and therefore did not include all the elements of a prima facie case.
A spokesman said: "Given the punishing nature of the Grand National course and the record of horse fatalities, Animal Aid believes there is a prima facie case for prosecution.
In another instance of the same thing, the authors argue that "the repeated anecdotes [in the local histories] make a prima facie case for women's increased autonomy on the homestead frontier.
Other provisions of the bill shift the burden of proof to the Internal Revenue Service if the service recipient establishes a prima facie case that it was reasonable to treat the worker as an independent contractor and the service recipient has fully cooperated with the IRS.
The case, said Justice Antonin Scalia, asked the High Court to decide what constitutes the elements of a prima facie case under the ADEA.
Factual circumstances can vary in discrimination cases, and slight variations in the prima facie case may occur with differing factual situations.
Under civil rights law, this is a prima facie case of discrimination.