prima facie

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prima facie (prīˑ·m fāˑ·shē),

n at first site; the minimum amount of evidence required from one party that compels another party to defend itself in court.

prima facie (prī´mə fā´shē),

adv a phrase that means “on the face of it”; so far as can be judged from the first appearance; presumably.
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Ross's theory of prima facie duties at least brings a modicum of order into an otherwise chaotic picture, and offers a way of straddling the gulf between the strict pacifism of the early sources and the frequent use of violence in historical contexts.
Postal Service, such as priority mail and delivery confirmation, be permitted to establish prima facie evidence of delivery.
California's requirement that a defendant prove his prima facie case by a preponderance of the evidence did not exceed the limits of the Fourteenth Amendment.
Moral intelligence requires use of the prima facie concept, but it also requires the discipline to remain true to the greater truth in a difficult situation.
A spokesman said: "It sets a precedent that UK executives can be extradited without prima facie evidence.
The issue with which the court was confronted was whether a Nurse Practitioner's testimony was sufficient to make a Prima Facie case (under New York's Mental Hygiene Law) for a Court Order to administer the medication Lithium over a patient's objection.
The main change is that there's no requirement on the requesting state to show there is a prima facie case.
According to the legislation, presenting a consular identification card ``shall be prima facie evidence that the alien is deportable.
According to the court, the officer established a prima facie case of discrimination, but the state established an affirmative defense with its non-harassment policy, and its procedure to address harassment problems.
Nothing would seem to exclude prima facie the (more probable) consideration of mid-century workshops established in Urbino, Venice, or Faenza.
Bush's own words, is prima facie evidence that the "compassionate conservative" is a fake and has been one ever since the 2000 presidential campaign.
50 recording fee for which no service was performed, is prima facie evidence of a violation of RPL [section]274-a.