preventive dental hygiene

pre·ven·tive den·tal hy·giene

(prĕ-ventiv dentăl hījēn)
Aggregate efforts to promote, restore, and maintain oral health.
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Dental hygienists need to not forget the importance of early preventive dental hygiene education.
State Senators Don Perata and Liz Figueroa -- the authors of the resolution proclaiming California Dental Hygiene Awareness Week -- have authored several pieces of legislation to address the access issue, including allowing specially-trained RDHs to provide dental hygiene without dentist supervision in some under-served settings where the need is great, as well as allowing RDHs to work in public health settings to provide preventive dental hygiene services unsupervised by a dentist.
For those who deliver preventive dental hygiene care abroad, this is their reality.
They perform preventive dental hygiene services including dental hygiene exams, prophylaxes, X-rays, pit and fissure sealants, fluoride treatments, oral hygiene instructions, nutritional counseling and tobacco cessation.
ADHA thanks Discus Dental for being the primary corporate sponsor for this community service event; the University of New Mexico for being the prime location to provide preventive dental hygiene services; all the coordinators, hygienists and student dental hygienists from the UNM class of 2008; and NMDHA.
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