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The griever’s perception that the suicide could have been prevented
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64) It shows how a discursive connection is attained between good governance and counter-terrorism through linguistic tools of predication, the uses of the topos of preventability and overlexicalisation that help in rendering a preventive approach as "normal" and "natural".
The Crash Preventability Demonstration Program allows the agency to gather data to examine the feasibility, costs, and benefits of making preventability determinations on certain crash types.
Preventability and severity assessment in reporting adverse drug reactions.
Epidemiological patterns and preventability of traumatic hand amputations among adults in Greece.
In an attempt to address the issue of AVFs associated with maternal morbidity and mortality, models for assessing preventability have been reported.
Sepsis has been declared a medical emergency by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in a report Tuesday that showed the preventability of the condition in over 70 percent of the cases through early action.
Lethality of suicidal organophosphorus poisoning in an Indian population: exploring preventability.
The multidisciplinary team employed for analyzing imputability, severity and preventability of suspected ADRs was formed by a pharmacist, a nurse, a pharmacologist and a pediatrician.
Fifteen percent of readmissions had strong or virtually certain evidence of preventability, and a further 12 percent of cases were classed as having preventability (of) more than 50-50 but close call.
2012) Percentage of patients with preventable adverse drug reactions and preventability of adverse drug reactions--A meta-analysis.
To the extent that individuals within the system focus on adjudicating preventability, or whether deviation from standard of care occurred, distraction from the primary goal of improving care may result.