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Cardiology Any of a number of clinical trials:
1. Prevention of Recurrent Venous Thromboembolism.
2. Program in Ex Vivo Vein Graft Engineering via Transfection.
3. Proliferation Reduction with Vascular Energy Trial.
4. Prospective Randomized Evaluation of the Vascular Effects of Norvasc® Trial.


v to keep from happening or existing, especially by precautionary measures.
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PREVENT also announces the appointment of Steve Tatum to the position of V.
True or False: Helmets, neck rolls, or cowboy collars prevent axial loading.
Prevent Central Line Infections -- by consistently delivering five steps collectively called the "Central Line Bundle.
Start up with fresh chemicals to maintain efficiency and prevent deposits.
This can be prevented by treating the mother's HIV if she needs antiretroviral treatment, which of course should be done anyway--or by using a much more difficult regimen of AZT to prevent transmission--or by adding other drugs (usually AZT plus 3TC) to suppress the virus while the nevirapine is slowly eliminated from the body.
Another may be regular strength training--if you want to prevent injuries, make the muscle stronger.
Battery back-up also helps prevent other costly problems.
Rosenberg M and Gollub EL, Methods women can use that may prevent sexually transmitted disease, including HIV, American Journal of Public Health, 1992, 82(11):1473-1478.
More importantly, the evidence mat antioxidants actually prevent disease is inconsistent.
We wouldn't know these things without racial and ethnic classification, the argument goes, and thus the Racial Privacy Initiative measure would prevent either alerting potential victims or pinpointing prevention programs.
Since prevention is nearly impossible, the next best thing is to be acutely aware of the possibility of scabies and treat it as soon as possible, to prevent further spread.
Addressing this claim, the court stated that recent school shootings have "put our nation on edge and have focused attention on what school officials, law enforcement and others can do or could have done to prevent these kinds of tragedies" (Lavine v.