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1. A priming treatment given before the main course of therapy or the main chemical modification of a substance.
2. Before therapy.

wastewater pretreatment

In environmental practice, acting to attempt to eliminate, reduce, or alter polluted water after it enters the water treatment works.


n the protocols required before beginning therapy, usually of a diagnostic nature; before treatment.
pretreatment estimate,
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The pretreatment program staff in Lewiston, led by Edwin Woods, pretreatment coordinator, was recognized for exceptional work inspecting, permitting and sampling industrial users that discharge industrial waste into the Town's collection system.
The BS EN standard does refer to pretreatment systems, but is vague of what to specify, if anything.
The pretreatment neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio (NLR), an index of systemic inflammation, is reported to be of prognostic value in UTUC patients in studies of European cohorts and some Asian cohorts.
Enzymatic pretreatment has a rise of 84% in digestibility, that could be related to protein decrease (see figure 1), coinciding with results obtained by Castro et al.
The two other prominent features noted in the post-treatment biopsy were dermal fibrosis (18/30) and the restoration of the reduced basement membrane pigmentation noted in the pretreatment biopsy (5/30).
When the cases were segregated according to pretreatment PAR score, as seen in Fig 1, highest number of patients i.
According to this study, using ethanol could lower production expenses by 50-65% compared to prior methods that used ionic liquid-based pretreatments.
High demand for coating pretreatment from the automotive & transportation industry, high growth in the powder coating industry, and increasing demand from developing countries are major drivers for the coating pretreatment market.
This is the only published laser resurfacing to date examining various pretreatment protocols with hyperpigmentation as a primary study outcome.
In my experience, cleaning problems and bad pretreatments usually are due to false economies or lack of oversight by the coatings user (not maintaining spray nozzles, using city water rather than Dl water, allowing parts to rust before painting, etc.
The acquisition will enhance PPG's pretreatment presence and capabilities in Canada, and after closing the acquired products and services will be offered under the PPG name.