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1. A priming treatment given before the main course of therapy or the main chemical modification of a substance.
2. Before therapy.

wastewater pretreatment

In environmental practice, acting to attempt to eliminate, reduce, or alter polluted water after it enters the water treatment works.


n the protocols required before beginning therapy, usually of a diagnostic nature; before treatment.
pretreatment estimate,
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However, as pretreatments are usually needed to get the required level of adhesion, this review is mainly concerned with the wide variety of methods available to pretreat fluoropolymers (Section 5).
Clinically Supported Science PreTreat Complete is a migraine prevention option that contains only vitamins and minerals and is completely safe for use by adults, even when used with other pain medications or prescription preventatives.
Active compounds in the PreTreat Complete complex are supported by clinical research and are cited in numerous scientific studies.
After researching the alternatives, PreTreat Complete was developed to provide a single, valuable preventative for migraineurs at reasonable cost.
Doctoral student Ming Lau and I have shown that it's possible to use AFEX to pretreat corn stover (cobs, stalks and leaves) and then hydrolyze and ferment it to commercially relevant levels of ethanol without adding nutrients to the stover," Dale said.
Pretreat or presoak grass stains in a product containing enzymes, and if stains persist, launder using chlorine bleach (if safe for fabric) or oxygen bleach.
Researchers at Cantab have developed a pair of monoclonal antibodies that bind to the CD45 antigen and are designed to destroy dendritic cells: the drug is used ex-vivo to pretreat the donor kidney prior to transplantation.
Research shows that most consumers pretreat their laundry to remove tough spots and stains.
Instead of subduing the system's watchdogs, they pretreat the tissue to mask its foreign "scent.
Certain applications may require MR3 to pretreat the specific metal application to create a liquor base for treatment and to optimize extraction results.