premature newborn

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1. recently born; called also neonatal.
postmature newborn (post-term newborn) post-term infant.
premature newborn (preterm newborn) preterm infant.

premature newborn, preterm newborn

pre·term in·fant

(prē'term in'fănt)
An infant with gestational age of fewer than 37 completed weeks (259 completed days).
Synonym(s): preemie, premature infant, premature newborn, preterm newborn.
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Increased plasma concentrations of activin A predict intraventricular hemorrhage in preterm newborns.
The oral motor capacity and feeding performance of preterm newborns at the time of transition to oral feeding.
Delayed clamping of the cord is likely to provide the greatest benefit to preterm newborns.
Cord blood lipoprotein profile in term, preterm, and late preterm newborns.
Moreover, intrauterine hypoxia increases activin A in the fetal circulation of preterm newborns (12), and high activin A concentrations have been found in cerebrospinal fluid (13) and urine (unpublished) of asphyxiated full-term newborns who experienced brain damage.
The weight of the preterm newborns was 2300 g on average (2000 g, 2690 g) and the median length was 45 cm (40 cm, 48 cm).
We chose this model because flies rely only on innate immunity to survive infections, similar to preterm newborns, who have immature immune systems.
One example of our most recent initiatives is the establishment of a Kangaroo Mother Care model at a public hospital in Lahore where special care is provided to the preterm newborns.
According to Katerji, the preterm neonatal incubators project, which was initiated in March 2015, covered the costs of care for 984 Syrian preterm newborns, with a 10-day
Nutrinia will use the proceeds to initiate two pivotal trials for registration in separate indications related to acceleration of gut maturation and adaptation: intestinal malabsorption in preterm newborns born between 26 and 32 weeks' gestational age, and infants with SBS who are under 12 months old.