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Kurzel13 investigated the effect of serum magnesium levels in pregnancy on preterm labor and indicated that hypomagnesaemia (magnesium equal to or <1.
Our study showed alkaline vaginal PH and short cervical length (less than 30mm) significantly increases the odds of preterm labor (OR=3.
sup][9] One study in Italy showed a twofold risk of preterm labor in women with endometriosis.
We also evaluated the number of previous spontaneous abortions, parity and smoking habits of the patients with threatened preterm labor.
In conclusion, this patient population's struggles may include: symptoms of depression, a knowledge deficit regarding significance, as well as recognition, of preterm labor symptoms, lack of social support, fear of medical personnel's disapproval, and deliberate disregard for consequences.
In our current analysis, of the 35 cases with preterm labor, 11 women delivered prematurely (median gestational age at delivery, 33 weeks), and 24 responded to tocolytic treatment and delivered at term (median gestational age at delivery, 38 weeks).
Among the women in the sample, 824 experienced one of the adverse pregnancy outcomes studied: 126 antepartum hemorrhage, 233 preterm labor, 308 preterm delivery, 134 intrauterine growth restriction and 23 perinatal death.
A practice effectiveness - practice variation conundrum that has interested the field of high-risk obstetrics for at least the past ten years has been the contrast between the relatively rapid acceptance and widespread use of tocolytic therapy, the practice of infusing women in preterm labor with pharmaceutical agents that arrest uterine contractions, and the simultaneous slow acceptance and limited use of antenatal corticosteroid therapy, the practice of injecting women in preterm labor with a drug that hastens maturation of fetal lung tissue and thus improves the viability of infants born prematurely.
HUAM is a diagnostic technology that is designed to provide earlier detection of preterm labor in women at high risk.
Roberto Romero and colleagues of the NICHD, NIH, and DHHS, aimed to identify prognostic and diagnostic biomarkers of preterm delivery in women with spontaneous preterm labor (PTL) and intact membranes.
A wide range of tocolytics (drugs used to suppress uterine contractions) have been tried to stop preterm labor due to significant risks of prematurity, neonatal morbidity and mortality.
2] Although the pathogenesis of preterm labor is not well understood, progesterone withdrawal is theorized to play a part.