pretectal area

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pre·tec·tal ar·e·a

a narrow, transversely oriented rostral zone of the mesencephalic tectum, bounded caudally by the superior colliculus, rostrally by the habenular trigone, and laterally by the pulvinar thalami; the pretectal area contains several nuclei that receive fibers from the optic tract; it has bilateral efferent connections with the Edinger-Westphal nucleus of the oculomotor nuclear complex by way of which it mediates the pupillary light reflex.
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Even SGC and NGa of mesencephalic and pretectal areas, respectively, which are related to the modulation of multisensorial inputs (visual, acoustic, and electroreceptive signals), supplied perturbed dendritic spine formation and deformed soma in a fashion similar to that of mesencephalic trigeminal neurons of rodents exposed to Cd (Yoshida 2001).