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n an inference as to the existence of some fact, drawn from the existence of some other fact; an inference that common sense draws from circumstances usually occurring in such cases.
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look down upon her friend, so well understanding the gradations of rank below him, and be so blind to what rose above, as to fancy himself shewing no presumption in addressing her
Sir," said he, with compressed lips and flashing eyes, "you have not the presumption to instruct the Comte de la Fere and myself what we ought to say here?
I was shocked, not perhaps so much shocked as disillusioned, for though I had always suspicioned Mary A as one who harboured the craziest ambitions when she looked most humble, of such presumption as this I had never thought her capable.
His favourite subjects were church discipline, rites and ceremonies, apostolical succession, the duty of reverence and obedience to the clergy, the atrocious criminality of dissent, the absolute necessity of observing all the forms of godliness, the reprehensible presumption of individuals who attempted to think for themselves in matters connected with religion, or to be guided by their own interpretations of Scripture, and, occasionally (to please his wealthy parishioners) the necessity of deferential obedience from the poor to the rich--supporting his maxims and exhortations throughout with quotations from the Fathers: with whom he appeared to be far better acquainted than with the Apostles and Evangelists, and whose importance he seemed to consider at least equal to theirs.
The presumption of this strange Numa must be punished
He admitted the presumption, but then it would be presumption of any man to lift his eyes to her.
She told Moody plainly that he was guilty of an act of presumption in making his own conditions with his employer.
So saying he handed the other a check, which the District Attorney carefully examined, and then pronounced it the most complete absence of both proof and presumption that he had ever seen.
He thought it odd, and with a little perfunctory shiver, as if in deference to a seasonal presumption that the night was chill, he lay down again and went to sleep.
At first, indeed, she had seemed to take a pleasure in mortifying my vanity and crushing my presumption - relentlessly nipping off bud by bud as they ventured to appear; and then, I confess, I was deeply wounded, though, at the same time, stimulated to seek revenge; - but latterly finding, beyond a doubt, that I was not that empty-headed coxcomb she had first supposed me, she had repulsed my modest advances in quite a different spirit.
and learn to scorn me for a presumption which can never be too
Ye long (it almost seemeth so to me--forgive my presumption, ye higher men)--