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n an inference as to the existence of some fact, drawn from the existence of some other fact; an inference that common sense draws from circumstances usually occurring in such cases.
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La voiture de la victime que le presume meurtrier a utilise pour quitter les lieux du crime a ete retrouvee dans la ville de Benguerir.
Finally, though, I think that our silence is attributable to the sheer, nuanced knowingness of Wesley's work and to our complicity in it, since the work presumes that we, too, are cognoscenti and that what we know goes without saying.
Unclaimed property laws typically presume that the issuance of a check is evidence that a company has determined that it owes a specific amount of money to a particular creditor.
But Steiner can hardly presume to speak for his rabbi, who surely must know something about the Ten Commandments besides being able to name them.
The allowance of presume parentage where a man is married to the mother of a child at any time between conception and birth of the child or, if unmarried, registered on the birth certificate as the child's father
So if doctors can presume consent unless there is a declaration to the contrary, more organs will be available for transplant - at least in theory.
Why then, if we are owners of our own bodies, is he critical of me and SPUC for opposing draft legislation that wants to presume that if someone hasn't made clear that they do not want their organs used the Government can presume ownership of their bodies and take their organs?
They should not presume that, because a marriage has broken down, it was invalid to begin with.
If we presume everyone does - unless certain conditions are met- we don''t want to be in a position where we are taking organs against the wishes of the family.
OSHA requires owners and employers to presume that all thermal system insulation and sprayed on and troweled on surfacing materials contain asbestos, unless rebutted pursuant to the standard (ie.
BMA Cymru Wales want it to become normal practice to presume people consent to donate their organs, and that they would have chosen to opt-out if they don't.
Evidently, HPD is permitted to presume the existence of lead paint and order abatement work by owners under certain circumstances.