pressure-sensitive adhesive

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pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA)

a transdermal drug-delivery device that uses polymers that are permanently tacky at room temperature and adhere to the skin when slight pressure is applied.
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The new 3M static dissipative pressure-sensitive adhesive cover tape 2684 is designed specifically to seal electrical and electronic components into 3M carrier tape 4000 and other embossed polystyrene carrier materials.
A medical pressure-sensitive adhesive composition was patented in which an intermediate composition is cross-linked through the use of a cross-linking agent.
laminating the pressure-sensitive adhesive tape to the polypropylene film to achieve maximum bond strength.
Divesting these package label converting operations in Europe is an important part of our strategy to focus on our key global businesses in pressure-sensitive adhesive materials, office products and retail information services," said Philip M.
German pressure-sensitive adhesive specialist Novamelt is expanding production into the U.
Specialty pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes and coatings manufacturer Adhesives Research, Glen Rock, PA, has named Mary Gallagher global vice president of quality and compliance.
Pressure-sensitive adhesive based on partially oriented and partially crystallized elastomer U.
Adhesives Research one of the world's leading independent developers and manufacturers of high-performance, specialty pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes and coated products, announced the recent addition of several new employees and the move of existing employees to new positions within the company's Limerick, Ireland facility.
The system consists of a self-wound, pressure-sensitive adhesive tape with perforations that are folded over during the application, allowing the construction to split at the perforations when the packages are separated.
In particular, growth for the Company's pressure-sensitive adhesive materials business in North America has slowed during the current quarter.
Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Fabric Tape For Wire Harness Bundling: No.
A pressure-sensitive adhesive composition often contains 50% tackifier, while there is usually less than 5% tackifier in a tackified rubber composition.

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