Panic Button

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A silent remote alarm used to alert security personnel located at a distance of the need for help in managing a violent patient
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Aldridge said: "It's been a disappointing start but this is no time for pressing the panic button.
TOMMY CARR says he has no intention of pressing the panic button despite Cavan's 10 point drubbing by Queen's University.
STEVE GIBSON isn't renowned for pressing the panic button - he's sacked only one manager in 14 years at the helm at Middles brough.
PAUL LOVERING isn't pressing the panic button at Airdrie just yet despite going five games without a win.
MARSHALS sweeping the Sugo track on a fast right hand bend had Kiwi Aaron Slight pressing the panic button as he prepared for his deciding Superpole qualifying lap for the final World Superbike Championship round in Japan.
BIRMINGHAM gaffer Alex McLeish isn't pressing the panic button despite his side slipping into the Premiership bottom three.
Both men need time to rid their clubs of the rot which has set in and it won't go away by simply pressing the panic button.