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The amount of money that a local Social Services Department in the UK may invoice a person receiving a service.


Managed care The posted price of a service provided by a hospital or health care facility; Medicare requires hospitals to apply the same schedule of charges to all Pts, regardless of the expected sources or amount of payment. See Fees.


1. In electricity, the amount of electrical force present.
2. To add electrical energy to a battery.
3. The cost to the patient and/or the third-party payer for a medical service or hospitalization.

covered charge

A medical service reimbursable by a third-party payer.

customary and reasonable charge

The usual cost of a service to a patient. The term is used in the medical insurance industry to determine the amount the provider will be reimbursed for the service or procedure. Under Medicare, this is the lowest customary fee charged by a physician for a service or the prevailing fee of other area physicians for the same service.

maximum allowable charge

Abbreviation: MAC
In medical care financial management, the maximum reimbursement rate a health plan will allow for the cost of services such as prescribed medicines or professional fees.

prevailing charge

The typical fee that a health care provider bills for a service, e.g., an office visit or a surgical procedure.
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