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The Tree and Shrub Purchase 2018 Multiple Preserves bid is for the purchase of native trees and shrubs, material only.
Preserves open space either for the scenic enjoyment of the general public or pursuant to a Federal, state or local governmental conservation policy and yields a significant public benefit (the open-space requirement); or
The 1,108-acre McDowell Nature Center and Preserve, the county's oldest, protects rolling forested terrain along the banks of Lake Wylie.
The accumulation of electronic source data and the evolution of electronic documents toward more dynamic forms that can combine written text, bookmarks, hyperlinks, and multimedia features create the need for digital archives and electronic signatures to preserve the integrity of originals.
The Naval Historical Center preserves documents and artifacts so future units can learn from and be inspired by the accomplishments of their predecessors.
With limited time off and dwindling free access to public and private hunting ground--the result, among other factors, of an expanding ranching industry and a trend among landowners to charge fees to hunters--many executives turn to private preserves or plantations such as Highland Hills to satisfy their wing-shooting passion.
Sphingosine 1-phosphate, which is a metabolite of ceramide, functions to prevent initiation of the apoptotic cycle, and preserves eggs without evidence of DNA damage.
Ninety-four nature preserves in Russia that are thought to be the only virgin preserves in the world are in danger from economic pressures.
While the forests of Chile are threatened, Pumalin Park preserves an estimated 35 percent of the remaining alerce trees in Chile.
Capturing that lioness on film was the pinnacle of my two-day, two-night stay at Sabi Sabi, one of South Africa's luxury private game preserves.
In his excellent book, Forests: The Shadow of Civilization (1992), Robert Pogue Harrison argues that such preserves were the first natural sanctuaries and kings "the first public or institutional conservationists in history.
People have long recognized that amber, a form of fossilized tree resin, preserves organic tissue extremely well.