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preservatives, food additives that hinder spoilage by reducing the growth of microorganisms. Include nitrates and nitrites, benzoates and sulfites, and many others.
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There is now a once-in-a-generation shift away from biocides to using the "hurdle technology," glycols, acids and other multi-functional materials with secondary benefits as preservatives," he explained.
Browse 152 market data tables and 40 figures spread through 303 pages and in-depth TOC on "Food Preservative Market - Global Trend & Forecast to 2018".
Arch has made several additions to its Proxel BZ Plus Preservatives in can range during the last two years.
Since the post treatment processing to ensure complete fixation is a costly part of the overall treating process, there are advantages to treating with preservatives with faster rates of fixation.
Wood protection coatings and preservatives demand will realize the most gains in interior wood applications, such as furniture, cabinets, and flooring.
This drives the demand for food preservatives market to provide an increased shelf life for products.
The European Commission (EC) adopted two measures restricting the use of three preservatives in cosmetic products.
Products: DOWICIL QK-20 biocide, in-can preservative, industrial plant hygiene preservative; DOWICIL 75 biocide, in-can preservative; DOWICIL 96 biocide, in-can preservative; BIOBAN CS-1135 biocide, in-can preservative; BIOBAN BP biocide, in-can preservative; and AMICAL fungicide, dry film preservative (all available/approved for use in US/NAFTA, Europe, Asia Pacific); DOWICIL 804 and CANGUARD 91 biocides, in-can preservatives (not available in US/NAFTA).
As part of a program to develop new wood preservatives at the Mississippi Forest Products Lab, scientists have been studying why certain woods, such as osage orange, are naturally durable.
But concern in recent years over life-threatening reactions to these preservatives by some asthmatics has led many people to question whether sulfiting agents like sulfure dioxide are absolutely necessary (SN: 12/13/86, p.
The system is a combination of a formulation without chemical preservatives, a pump system which filters or blocks the returning air, and an actuator which prevents bacterial ingress into the dispenser.