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preceding birth.


Preceding birth.
Synonym(s): antenatal
[pre- + L. natus, born]


/pre·na·tal/ (-na´tal) preceding birth.


Existing or occurring before birth: prenatal medical care.

pre·na′tal·ly adv.


Etymology: L, prae + natus, birth
occurring or existing before birth, referring to both the care of the woman during pregnancy and the growth and development of the fetus. Also called antenatal. See also antepartal care.


adjective Referring to the period between conception and birth.


Preceding birth.
Synonym(s): antenatal.
[pre- + L. natus, born]


Existing or occurring before birth.


preceding birth.

prenatal care
care of the pregnant female before delivery of the neonate.
prenatal cytogenetic studies
cytogenetic studies carried out on amniotic fluid cultures, the fluid being collected by amniocentesis, is not much used in veterinary medicine because of lack of knowledge of congenital disease linked to chromosomal abnormality. Could be used as a means of early sex determination.
prenatal infection
infection of the fetus via an intact placenta, in the case of viruses, or via a placentitis in the case of bacterial or metazoan infections.
prenatal loss
see abortion, stillbirth, early embryonic mortality, mummification.

Patient discussion about prenatal

Q. My Prenatal Vitamin Makes Me Nauseous, What Should I Do? I am taking Prenatal Vitamins during my pregnancy; however they are making me feel nauseous. What to do?

A. you can also take childrens vitamins

Q. I am thinking of prenatal yoga class.How can I go about it? I am thinking of prenatal yoga class. I am 10 weeks pregnant and my age is 25. I had heard a lot about this and some said that it helps in labor. I wish to join the class to have healthy labor. What is the best time to go for this and is it safe to follow throughout pregnancy? Will it be an alternative for exercise we generally do during pregnancy? My friend went for regular prenatal yoga class and had healthy labor and the child and mom are doing well. This has created a positive vibration in my mind about pregnancy and labor? How can I go about it?

A. basically, exercising during pregnancy is one of the good thing for a pregnant mom. it can help preparing the pregnant mom for the delivery later. research has shown that some sports during pregnancy will reduce the pain when a mother delivers the babyborn.

yoga is good for the muscles and the stretching process. but i will suggest you to consult that first with your ob-gyn doctor, if your pregnancy is totally healthy then you will have nothing to worry about.

another sport that is good for pregnancy is water sports, such as swimming, and also water aerobic. I once wrote an article about water aerobic, if you want to read :


A. no u didn't believe me i use to do that alot is normal well at least that's what happened to me and almost every night! lol hope u get better girl;)

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These studies identify that infants exposed to cocaine prenatally tend to demonstrate subtle or no neurological effects and, if present, may be transient.
Table 2 contains the rate of cystic hygroma and the proportion of cases that were prenatally diagnosed with cystic hygroma by various demographic and clinical factors.
In a recent study, Watson and Westby (2003) interviewed school professionals and observed a number of teachers working with students who had been exposed prenatally to alcohol and other drugs.
Children prenatally exposed to harmful substances may undergo a variety of emotional and behavioral swings, sometimes shifting rapidly from apathy to aggression.
The characteristics of those premature infants are often very similar to those exhibited by children prenatally exposed to crack or cocaine (Gregorchik 1992, Sexson 1993).
Cancer risk in women prenatally exposed to diethylstilbestrol.
In present study only 2 out of 25 pregnancies with malformations, diagnosed prenatally were born with major malformation and one died in utero.
If any of these conditions are found, a pediatric urologist should be promptly consulted, who will determine if intervention will be needed, either prenatally or immediately after delivery.
There were "few significant associations" among performance on neuropsychological test results and exposure to mercury in vaccines and immune globulins administered prenatally or up through 7 months of age, the authors reported.
Certain risks associated with prenatal exposure to diethylstilbestrol (DES) may be carried over to the next generation, according to results of a study of 463 women whose mothers had been exposed to DES prenatally and 330 whose mothers had not been exposed to the drug.
Careful research ultimately refuted the crack baby stereotype, showing that children prenatally exposed to cocaine were virtually indistinguishable from nonexposed children born in similar circumstances; the media panic had been rooted in rumors and biased observations.
Although the results don't immediately translate to people, he says, "I think everyone agrees that we need more research on the long-term effects of these medications on children and adolescents and on children who may have been exposed prenatally.