frontal cortex

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fron·tal cor·tex

cortext of the frontal lobe of the cerebral hemisphere; originally, the entire cortical expanse anterior to the central sulcus, including the agranular motor and premotor cortex (Brodmann areas 4 and 6), the dysgranular cortex (Brodmann area 8), and the granular frontal (prefrontal) cortex anterior to the latter; now more often refers to the granular frontal (prefrontal) cortex.
Synonym(s): frontal area

fron·tal cor·tex

(frŏn'tăl kōr'teks)
Cortex of the frontal lobe of the cerebral hemisphere.
Synonym(s): frontal area.

Frontal cortex

The part of the human brain associated with aggressiveness and impulse control. Abnormalities in the frontal cortex are associated with an increased risk of suicide.
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The group and Yamaha said past research data have indicated the prefrontal area does not work as much when driving an automobile.
Brain images indicated that blood flow, a marker of neural activity, increased in a specific prefrontal area early during volunteers' attempts at forgetting.
Each prefrontal area belongs to a general memory network that receives dispatches from hard-bitten neural correspondents interested only in the contents, location, or time of various events, assert psychologist Lars Nyberg of Umea University in Sweden and his colleagues.
Deacon contends that the left-hemisphere region linking the hoots and coos of monkeys to human utterances is not Broca's area but a patch of tissue just in front of it called the prefrontal area.