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4 However, it has routinely been used as preemptive analgesia in patient undergoing parotidectomy, tympanomastoid surgery, craniotomy and otoplasty.
New studies are required to determine the value of preemptive analgesia in hernia repair and its timing and effect on development of chronic pain.
Observations from research into preemptive analgesia are providing the impetus for what promises to be a productive and exciting area of clinical research in the treatment of pain in a variety of clinical situations in gynecology.
Only those in the preemptive analgesia groups received pain medication through the catheter before the surgical incision.
Tubal surface lidocaine mediates preemptive analgesia in awake laparoscopic sterilization: A prospective, randomized clinical trial.
What patients think of as minimally invasive surgery actually is combined with many other variables: patient education and selection, preemptive analgesia, better post-operative pain control, and more rapid mobilization.
Preemptive analgesia II: physiological pathways and pharmacological modalities.
Preemptive analgesia improves patient comfort and reduces complications and length of hospitalization.
The concept of preemptive analgesia, which has been recently introduced is nothing but administering an analgesic drug prior to a noxious stimulus such as surgical skin incision.
KEY WORDS: Oxycodone, Preemptive analgesia, Laparoscopy, Pneumoperitoneum, Postoperative pain.