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An established preference; a site of predilection would be the most likely site occurrance, as for the manifestations of a disease, condition, or parasite.
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Keep in mind that the individuals that fit the above filters might not be aware they have a predilection or a fondness for term insurance.
Plus de doute, le champion olympique 2012 du 200m et du relais 4 x100m, courra sur sa distance de predilection aux Mondiaux de Barcelone (28 juillet-4 aout).
Prenatal and postnatal environments--both their negative and positive environmental conditions--modulate the expression of any genetic predilection.
Roumane, qui aura l'avantage de se produire sur sa distance de predilection, ne devrait pas se montrer ridicule dans une telle epreuve malgre ses dernieres deconvenues.
Delving deeply into the lives and struggles of widows in a culture which has societal predilection towards rejecting, disowning, or ostracizing or otherwise discriminating against these women, Forbidden Red informs its readers of the painstaking process of living beyond the death of a husband as illustrated through interviews from women of varying castes, religions, ages, and residential choices.
It's a hard task for parents to resist their predilection to continue the course-plotting, which takes place all throughout the year, for their kids to enable them to avert the choppy waters.
The almost childlike simplicity of such forms, in conjunction with Suddath's predilection for opaque, matte, pastel, and chocolate brown finishes, conspire to engender a somewhat nursery-like feel--more primary school than "Primary Structures.
And also the person to whom I am married, or to whom I was married 11 minutes ago, is a mysterious changeable country whom I try to simply savor and appreciate rather than attempt to understand or, God help us all, predict in any way, shape, or form whatsoever, such predilection to prediction being the surest road to muttering at the bus stop.
Selectively extracting those overseas attitudes that reinforce their own beliefs--as well exercising their predilection to make laws, not judge their constitutionality--at least six justices have trotted the views of foreign tribunals into the U.
Glomangiopericytomas have a predilection for the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses, where they grow as polypoid masses.
Keith's well-known obsession with bagging trophy animal horns seems to have shifted into an odd predilection for collecting outsized dubs.
We all know about his predilection for foreign travel, particularly when he doesn't have to pay,but there are plenty of ancient ruins he can visit in this country.