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precursors, (prēkur´sərz), particles or compounds that precede something. In biochemistry, carbohydrates may serve as precursors for structural and functional molecules. The -blast suffix indicates the precursor cell of a structure, such as in the term odontoblast.
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The individuals registered as business entities are banned to exercise movement and transportation of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors.
As methamphetamine production and trafficking in Mexico and some Central American countries has expanded, these governments have sought to ways to target precursors after tightening legislative and administrative controls on both the methamphetamine precursor chemicals and finished medicines containing them, Traffickers in the Americas, however, are turning to non-scheduled precursor chemicals to manufacture methamphetamine through alternative methods.
In this case, precursors that can only undergo self-limiting surface reactions are individually fed into the reaction chamber.
The agreement will strengthen co-operation between the EU and Russia in preventing drug precursors from being trafficked for the manufacture of illegal drugs.
This shift may be a result of new legislative and administrative efforts in China, but China remains a major source of diverted precursors around the world.
Next, researchers used a mouse model that expresses fluorescent biosensors in blood precursors to determine when, during embryonic age, precursors develop into microglia.
THE EUROPEAN Union (EU) Council of Ministers has approved new drug precursor controls that take account of the EU's becoming a centre for the manufacture of illicit synthetic drugs such as Ecstasy.
The new study establishes that transmission of cancer precursors can occur in a solid-organ transplant, says researcher Mario Luppi of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia in Modena, Italy.
The patent , United States Patent number 6,146,889, is titled "Proliferation of Hepatocyte Precursors.
Irvine, CA, a subsidiary of VIMRX Pharmaceuticals announced it has received a notice of allowance from the US Patent and Trademark Office for a patent covering the infusion of neutrophil (white blood cells responsible for fighting bacterial infections) precursors for the treatment of neutropenia (a common side effect of high dose chemotherapy characterized by a deficiency of neutrophils and an increased susceptibility to infection).
Yet he spends much of his survey pointing out that, "Most individuals with the early precursors of criminal behavior do not become serious offenders, but most (albeit not all) serious offenders have shown the precursors earlier in life.