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This report provides top line data relating to the clinical trials on Precocious Puberty.
Precocious puberty occurs because of an abnormal production of oestrogen.
The research included 110 girls aged 7 to 10 years, among whom 35 were categorized as having experienced precocious puberty according to the Tanner Scale.
There are two main types of precocious puberty; the first is central precocious puberty (CPP) that results from premature activation of the HPG axis and in the majority of cases the cause is unknown.
He was a commercial stud's dream, being a very fertile stallion with a proven ability to get precocious types.
In the chapter "Precocious Child", Kinney found in the legend of Houji themes of precocious child in Han biographies.
But if the condition is because there's an underlying problem, such as a tumour, then treating this symptom will stop precocious puberty.
Based on the new technique, NIAS has induced precocious metamorphosis of silkworms by excessively producing juvenile hormone esterase, a kind of hormone-degrading enzyme.
95) provides a fun account of a precocious kid with a big imagination.
Driving Under The Influence Of Children is the latest compiled treasury of "Baby Blues" comic strips, collecting the daily struggles of two parents and the three precocious young children who exist to exhaust their resources, wallets, and supply of clean clothes.
Set in the early 1950s in Hamilton, Ontario, Saint Ralph is the story of Ralph, a precocious teenage boy who lost his father in the Second World War and whose cancer-stricken mother is dying in in hospital.
She is one of a growing number of children to suffer from precocious puberty, a little-understood condition that causes them to experience the physical and emotional changes of adolescence far too early.