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Finally, we need prognostic and predictive biomarkers for selection of precision therapy.
Typically, precision therapy results in better patient outcomes and potential reduction in costs.
Diagnostic genetics testing holds great promise as a driver of precision therapy, but patent thickets and restrictive licensing arrangements threaten their delivery," said MPEG LA President and CEO Larry Horn.
Precision Therapy, pioneered in Sweden, offers targeted tumor control and can be used to combat some formerly untreatable cancers.
Research efforts have unravelled the complex genetic basis of T-ALL but failed to identify new promising targets for precision therapy.
The precision therapy technology incorporates direct visualization and local/regional drug infusion with photodynamic radiation and real-time treatment analytics to offer the clinician an objective, evidence-based approach to targeted radiation oncology.
Their facilities house state of the art technology and patients can be treated using on board imaging, cone beam CT and ultrasound for high precision therapy.
Real-time, closed-loop neural interfaces allow us to move beyond the traditional static view of the brain and into a realm of precision therapy.
We are now on our way to realizing the initial goal of the Hyundai Cancer Institute Genomic Research Program - providing pediatric oncologists with information that will allow them to make better decisions about targeted, precision therapy in patients with refractory or recurrent cancer.
Precision Therapy (PT) announced today that it has purchased the business of Precision Mathematics Inc.
We also expect to deliver during the quarter the software developed under our alliances with Picker International and Precision Therapy International.
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