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It was really the hotel we were after, monstrously magnified by the fog, but we took it for the face of a precipice, and decided not to try to claw up it.
At some time or other the fog thinned a little; we did not know when, for we were facing the empty universe and the thinness could not show; but at last Harris happened to look around, and there stood a huge, dim, spectral hotel where the precipice had been.
That evening we stood on the brink of a precipice, over which the dark stream bounded in one final leap of full 300 feet.
A small table of rock which projected over the precipice on one side of the stream, and was drenched by the spray of the fall, sustained a huge trunk of a tree which must have been deposited there by some heavy freshet.
Nobody could help laughing at the child's notion of leaving a warm bed, and dragging them from a cheerful fire, to visit the basin of the Flume,--a brook, which tumbles over the precipice, deep within the Notch.
To avoid future precipices, people responsible for decision-making use some basic practices:
You find plants and animals desperately clinging to life in the most remote, hardy areas - in the Arctic seas, clinging from rocky precipices, surviving in desert regions and even in lands ravaged by warfare.
The trail looks like it's on Mars, and we follow a dotted white line up and over the bulbous rock formations, often on the very edges of white-knuckle precipices.
I think we're sitting on the edge of moral precipices, which I think people should think more about.
Why, then, should the state deny itself the power to drain bogs and fence off precipices so as to save the unwise and unwary from themselves?