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Both medical and nursing professions provided their staff with a preceptorship programme that not only allowed individuals to settle into their new roles by teaching them the essential basic requirements, but also prepared them for future development by introducing the newly qualified to the principles of life long learning and CPD.
In addition, there is another important group of industrial representatives who do preceptorships.
To encourage development of and participation in such programs, ASIM has compiled a resource kit for internists on preceptorship programs nationwide.
In addition to facilitating the students' preceptorship placements and orienting all participants, the researchers also engaged in structured teaching and learning sessions with the participants, using four IPE modules which they had developed specifically for this particular educational experience.
Many undergraduate baccalaureate programs (BSN) use a clinical preceptorship course to facilitate the transition from educational to practice settings (Casey, Fink, Jaynes, Campbell, & Cook, 2011; Rebeschi & Aronson, 2009; Udlis, 2008).
As the interview progressed, participants were asked what made the preceptorship so important.
I only have one last clinical to do, which is my preceptorship.
The current trends affecting the practice of dental hygiene: Of course, we all speak of preceptorship affecting the practice of hygiene in a negative way, but there are many things that are affecting it in a positive way.
This model differs in quite concrete ways from preceptorship by being designed to meet the mentees' needs and purposes rather than those of the institutions in which midwives may be employed.
Unlike newly-registered nurses who are required by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) to undergo a four month period of preceptorship to help with the transition from student to accountable practitioner, the HPC does not place any such requirements on newly-registered ODPs (NMC 2002).
During our district health board preceptorship training, we were taught to expect new graduates to function at these higher levels of critical thinking, to be able to complete their nurse-entry-to-practice programme.