artery of precentral sulcus

(redirected from precentral artery)

ar·ter·y of pre·cen·tral sul·cus

a branch of the terminal part of the middle cerebral artery distributed to the cortex on either side of the precentral sulcus.

ar·te·ry of pre·cen·tral sul·cus

(ahrtĕr-ē pre-sentrăl sŭlkŭs) [TA]
Branch of terminal part of middle cerebral artery distributed to cortex on either side of precentral sulcus.
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Precentral Artery (PCA): The artery extends out on the medial surface of the operculum and supplies the posterior parts of the middle and inferior frontal gyri as well as the lower parts of the precentral gyrus.
In one brain on left side, orbitofrontal artery was very thick taking origin from M1 segment, which after giving the orbital branch continued and gave prefrontal and precentral artery, which are usually branches of superior division (M2 segment) giving appearance of early pseudobifurcation.