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Research and report about other scientific animation toys such as the thaumatrope, kineograph, mutoscope, praxinoscope, or zoopraxiscope.
The magic lantern and its complex history have been at the centre of Mike Simkin's life for many years, but his interest used to be focused on hand-painted slides and the history of pre-cinema, including mechanical toys like the zoetrope, praxinoscope and flicker books, which were actually patented in Birmingham in the 1860s.
Mat Collishaw's ``Soliciting a Reward'' (1994) employs the outmoded technology of the praxinoscope, a revolving cyclorama used to demonstrate the power of moving pictures.
They exploit this persistence principle to make drawings seemingly move using the simply constructed thaumatrope two-page flip, flip book, zoetrope, and praxinoscope.