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The study of human conduct.

prax′e·o·log′i·cal (-ə-lŏj′ĭ-kəl) adj.
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The reason why voluntary, competitive institutions in the area of law and defense have a harder time scaling up than coercive, centralized ones follows from the praxeological features of collective action, but this is a well-known observation, long appreciated by the theorists of legal polycentrism, who clearly recognize the indispensable role of ideology and preference change in rectifying the above asymmetry (Hummel, 2001; Stringham and Hummel, 2010).
In praxeological terms, instrumentalists rely primarily on development and democratisation with the goal of an equal distribution of life opportunities.
I am not a scientist, but based on my studies of cultural and literary history, it seems unlikely to me that a causal chain model of culture is able to replace systemic network models of culture, as they are suggested by advanced social and praxeological theories in the humanities (from Pierre Bourdieu to Niklas Luhmann, their individual limits notwithstanding).
One of his faithful students wrote: "The Fundamental praxeological axiom is that individual human beings act.
He begins with the economic approach of von Mises, including the definition of economic behavior, the structure of the general theory of action, the discovery of means and the creation of possibilities, the evaluative system, and causality as a praxeological category.
A person's 'envy,' unembodied in action, becomes pure moonshine from a praxeological point of view.
The principle and definition are borrowed from the praxeological methods of neoclassical economics.
Second, in praxeological commitment, long espoused by liberation theologians as a methodological sine qua non, the object of study becomes an object of love.
Professor Edward Dolan, a mainstream not an Austrian economist, is nevertheless a good candidate for the prize to be awarded to an outsider for the greatest contribution to the praxeological school.
For an argument that arrives at the same conclusions about the civilizing role of trade, without Pufendorf's aid but by simply applying praxeological reason, see McConkey 2012b.
Rather, these effects of rent control are very likely, based on the usual analysis of rent control, and it is even praxeological to say that quality-adjusted supply will decrease, demand will increase, and non-price rationing will occur.
In my view, taking into account the entire tenor of Prychitko's article, by "peculiar" he means heavily to criticize Austrian praxeological economics, at least the Mises/Rothbard version thereof.