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/pra·na·ya·ma/ (prah″nah-yah´mah) according to ayurveda, breath control, occurring as one of the eight limbs of yoga; used for controlling the energy within the body and the mind and acting as a vitalizing and regenerating force to increase oxygen exchange that can be used for physical healing.


Ayurvedic medicine
Breathing exercises in which an individual breathes through alternate nostrils by closing off one nostril, then the other, by pressing a finger against it; pranayama is believed to enhance the prana, the universal life force.


Yoga method of breathing.
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pranayama (präˑ·n·yä·m),

n in Ayurveda, the yogic art of breathing that is believed to unify an individual's consciousness with the universal consciousness rendering multiple health benefits for mind and body.
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The twelfth-century commentator, Dalhana defines pranayama as "suppression of wind" (vayor nirodhah) and explains: "Although pranayama is threefold on account of its divisions of recaka, puraka, and kumbhaka, nevertheless.
Pranayama if done regularly can be good breathing exercise to the respiratory system.
Breathing through one nostril in anulom vilom pranayama increases the resistance.
Tiwari, Kuvalayananda's direct disciple and a master of pranayama.
Thus it is possible to recharge the entire human system through the practice of pranayama.
We tested whether regular practice of Bhastrika pranayama for 3 months can reduce the cardiovascular hyper-reactivity, as the pranayama had good benefits on cardiorespiratory system of human body.
Exhale, then take one deep inhalation as you lift your chest, and breathe out with simhasana pranayama (lion's breath), exhaling with a roaring sound, mouth open, tongue extended, and rolling your eyes up toward the center of your forehead.
All those who are using drugs, tell them to do pranayama, meditation and Sudarshan Kriya, and the addictions will drop easily.
This routine connects stretching in the water with asanas of Hatha yoga and exercises of awareness on the breath, derived from the Pranayama.
Yogic stretches standing, forward, backward bends, twists, inversions and pranayama helps the practitioner to balance their emotions, anger and passions which will in turn control their tensions and so will help them to be free of stress related disorders like hypertension, thyroid disorders, diabetes etc.
The World Beat Fitness Centre in Janabiya will hold Pranayama 'breath of life' classes with Rasila Savani Tuesday mornings at 10.
The analysis of co-variance was used to find out the effect of ujjayi pranayama on female students of B.