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/pra·na·ya·ma/ (prah″nah-yah´mah) according to ayurveda, breath control, occurring as one of the eight limbs of yoga; used for controlling the energy within the body and the mind and acting as a vitalizing and regenerating force to increase oxygen exchange that can be used for physical healing.


Ayurvedic medicine
Breathing exercises in which an individual breathes through alternate nostrils by closing off one nostril, then the other, by pressing a finger against it; pranayama is believed to enhance the prana, the universal life force.


Yoga method of breathing.
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pranayama (präˑ·n·yä·m),

n in Ayurveda, the yogic art of breathing that is believed to unify an individual's consciousness with the universal consciousness rendering multiple health benefits for mind and body.
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Yogasana and pranayama are claimed to have beneficial effects on the body such as improving the functions of different systems of the body including the performance of the central nervous system (CNS).
Enter "AyoPoligami" -- a new smartphone app developed by Pranayama, which aims to "bring together male users with women who are willing to make 'big families'.
Our yogi increases the temperature and raises the humidity and we begin with Pranayama breathing.
Hold for up to one minute, or for the duration of your meditation or pranayama practice.
Sankara Saranam; PERMANENT WAVES; Pranayama Institute (Fiction: Science Fiction) 2.
The present study was planned to investigate the effect of pranayama on blood pressure and heart rate in premenstrual syndrome.
Snow amazing The mountains are a fantastic place in which to relax and recharge your batteries and in Val Thorens, one of France's highest ski resorts, you can combine snow-shoeing with Pranayama yoga.
The IYP intervention involved patients following a routine of yogic physical postures, pranayama and meditations as well as a variety of physical therapy (PT) techniques over 21 days, 5 days/ week, 5 hours/day.
Years later while traveling in India, I stumbled into a bookstore and found Swami Saraswati's classic text Asana Pranayama Mudra Banda.
All are cordially invited to participate and practice yoga, pranayama and meditation to rejuvenate their body, mind and soul.
Pranayama (breath control) - developing control over the basic and vital force of prana or breath.