prakruti (prä·krōōˑ·tē),

n in Ayurveda, an individual's distinctive constitution. According to Ayurvedic principles, to live a lifestyle that is preventive and proper, it is vital to understand one's unique nature and the means of maintaining equilibrium despite stress and challenge.
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Tenders are invited for Renovation by providing electrification to college building and UPS/Solar wiring with LED fittings to Prakruti boys hostel at COF Sirsi campus
Jo Raheem uttam prakruti, ka kari sakat kusang; chandan visa vyapat nahin, lipte rahat bhujang (One who has a good heart cannot be affected by bad company just like there is no venom in a sandalwood tree even if a snake always surrounds it)," Kumar replied.
The award for best Screen play writer (adapted) has been conferred on Panchaksharifor the film Prakruti (Kannada).
On "NWFPs: Linking Gender, Livelihood and Management" Prakruti, Sirsi, Karnataka, October, 17-18, 2006, pp: 14.
According to the Samkhya system, the two eternal principles of creation are Purusha, or pure consciousness, and Prakruti, or matter.
The mind is part of Prakruti (matter) and is not conscious by itself.
mp3) A[micro] -- Prakruti (India) (MP3: 689KB) (URL: http://www.
I am also glad that now people from all over India are going to come and visit the zoo," said Prakruti, a visitor.
The individual's constitution or prakruti is determined at the time of conception as a particular pattern of energy (and genetic code).