Etymology: L, premature
pertaining to something that occurred at an earlier stage of life or development.

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Q. every time my friend eat, before she swallow it she gets severe heartburns and nausea. what causes this

A. She could be suffering from gastric acid problems and should try taking anti-acid medications (after consulting a doctor, of course). Also there's a simple test that can be done for a bacteria called H.pylori that makes the stomach produce more acid, and by taking antibiotics this problem resolves.

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The praecox cultivars (used to be called africanus) are big and bold, with evergreen, strap-like leaves.
Chimonanthus Praecox (Wintersweet) WINTER produces some real gardening gems and wintersweet is one of these.
In Phyllostachys praecox (early bamboo) stands with intensive management, long-term application of chemical fertiliser resulted in over-accumulation of soil nutrients, especially soil P (Jing 1999; Jiang et al.
One of my favourites, Chimonanthus praecox, is equally seductive, and this garden will host some of the first snowdrops of the New Year.
In 1911, Swiss psychiatrist Eugen Bleuler renamed dementia praecox "schizophrenia.
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Cytisus x praecox (Warminster broom) is widely planted with a vigorous spreading habit and showers of spicy smelling cream flowers.
leucaspis lateralis--C lateralis x x Thamnophius Thatnnophius praecox--H & C praecox E Percnostola Schistocichla caurensis--H caurensis (18) E Grallaria Grallaria dignissima--H & C dignissima E G.
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