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practicum (prak´tikəm),

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Given the number of cases needing review, introducing innocence practicums at the undergraduate level in more institutions could assist with moving greater numbers of cases forward at a faster and more effective pace, and allow for the review of cases involving crimes other than rape and murder.
At the start of the course the students approached the practicum with trepidation, but each experienced significant improvement through their daily practice.
Do some soul searching and determine if you want to take on this educational and mentorship role that practicums and internships will require.
Angle had taken a course in library instruction and Jessica taught several library sessions to undergraduate students during her library school practicum.
We position teaching as a complex, creative profession and have an expectation that practicum should support the reflexive, possibility-thinking and risk-taking creative endeavours of the beginning teacher.
Through this relationship, the IDCP will offer its accredited data center courses to AFCOM's broad industry membership via the Internet, coupled with hands-on practicum at AFCOM's twice-yearly data center conferences.
Initially students; entered the practicums with positive regard for their consumers and sought to understand their disabilities, then made attempts to personally connect with consumers, and finally expressed a deep sense of commitment and compassion.
It does not compensate healthcare providers for hiring the newly trained staff, but it permits facilities to receive reimbursement for the expenses involved in offering practicums (hands-on training experiences) and internships.
They agreed that when the curricula embraced more than communication technology and included internships and practicums with business courses, the results were good.
Registered nurses with Master of Science in Nursing degrees can enroll in Chamberlain's online Graduate Certificate in Nursing Education or Graduate Certificate in Nursing Informatics, with or without practicums.
Like the week-long practicums, the summer program includes teaching students in ACOT classrooms.